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    • A POS (point of sale) credit business, providing an option for retail businesses to offer interest free credit online.

    • Divido connect banks (under writers) to retailers through a simple and lightweight technology component. 

    • A men's grooming brand,  on a subscription based model.

    • Winner of  “Best Razor” award competing against Gillette, Wilkinson, Phillips, Braun and Remington.

    • A market place for SME lending.

    • Qualified as a ‘financial platform’ by HMT/British Business Bank.

    • A patented engineering product designed for tractor-trailer and trucks to improve the fuel efficiency by 3%-6% through improved aerodynamics.

  • Testimonials

    Chris Holloman

    CEO, Divido

    We had the good fortune to choose which investors we decided to work with, and the decision to work with Angels Unleashed was easy. The team represents a range of very complimentary skills and experiences we have been able to leverage in the building of our point of sale consumer finance business.

    Susanne Chishti

    CEO, Fintech Circle

    Angels Unleashed are a great group of investors who really add value to their startups!

    Ranjith Doshi

    CFO, Global Biotech Company

    Angels Unleashed have delivered significant value through their deep understanding of the business. Angel Unleashed is a young company, but their insights and suggestions are seasoned. Angels Unleashed has helped in identifying some promising startups which have delivered value to us.

    Brett Akker

    Chairman, LOVESPACE

    I have been extremely impressed by Prem and the Angels Unleashed team. The depth of their due diligence and their ability to quickly identify the key growth levers behind a business is first rate. Investor packs that they prepare are clear, concise and identify key areas (both strengths and weaknesses) that any investor would need to make an informed decision. More importantly, their desire and ability to work with management teams is invaluable to any early stage, high growth business. 

    Oliver Bridge

    CEO, Cornerstone

    Angels Unleashed have been a pleasure to work with - their due diligence was conducted swiftly and they asked smart questions, and when it came to the completion process they were easy to deal with. Since making the investment, they have been a constant source of new ideas and support.  

    Richard Inman

    Interim CIO, Investor

    “Angels Unleashed have a different approach that tries to build value for all sides. They make lasting connections across their network of angels and high-growth companies through diligent research; then their ongoing direct investment, hands-on support and consulting means they really understand and nurture each company, and can spot the opportunities for cross-fertilisation and further innovation"

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  • Us

    We are a consortium team of entrepreneur converted angel investors investing in early stage startups. We source and invest in quality startups and support them in their journey to make it to the next stage. We leverage our network of successful entrepreneurs/ angels and management/ technology consultants to add value these startups across their enterprise value chain, where possible.

    Arunkumar Krishnakumar


    Arun is a Fintech thought leader and investor with 13 years experience in FS and Technology. He is a Data executive with over a decade experience in executing data projects and programmes within FS/ Banking.

    Prem Barthasarathy


    Prem is a performance improvement consultant specialising in strategy, cost optimisation and sourcing. He has a wealth of experience within Telecoms, Energy and Utilities and a passion for entrepreneurship/ innovation.

    Kiran Kumar Pillala


    Kiran is a technology consultant, constantly quenching his thirst for knowledge and innovation. An expert in telecoms, he provides business solutions to enhance productivity, improve quality, drive sustained business performance and maximize revenue potential

    Gopalakrishnan Navaneethan


    Gopi is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of cross industry experience. He has started, operated and led two IT Professional service companies. Gopi is a visionary and a creative leader with a keen eye for emerging trends in both technology and business across various industries.

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